2021 SFM Online Course Closing Ceremony

After completion of the online course program, a virtual closing ceremony was convened on January 14th, 2021, and students were provided with their course completion certificates. On January 14th, 2021, the closing ceremony was successfully convened virtually over the Zoom platform. This session was started by Dr. John Innes (AP-FECM Director, Dean of UBC Forestry) and Mr. Zhongtian Zhang (APFNet Assistant Executive Director) for the opening remarks. After that, Prof. Guangyu Wang, the director of the AP-FECM EO, summarized the program with a short review. The instructor and facilitator team then granted the certificates for all the participating students. Finally, Ms. Xinxin Zhu, assistant director of the AFRC described the future offerings of the Virtual Summer Programs. The next virtual summer program has been organized for July 12th-August 12th, 2021 with three different course package offerings, and over 100 students from the AP region enrolled in these courses.