Members of the Steering Committee

Rinekso Sukmadi
Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University, IPB, Indonesia

Chris Weston
School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne, Australia

Do Anh Tuan
College of Forestry, Forestry University of Vie Nam

Mohamed Zakaria Hussin
Faculty of Forestry, Putra University of Malaysia

J. Keith Gilless
College of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley, USA

John Innes
Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada

College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Philippines

Youqing Luo
Beijing Forestry University, China

Chongrak Wacharinrat
Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Hisashi Miyagawa
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto Univerisity, Japan