Chair and Co-Chairs



The current elected Chair is the University of British Columbia (UBC). As one of the world’s leading publicly-funded universities, UBC’s location in Vancouver, Canada’s gateway to Asia, together with the large population of people of Asian origin in Vancouver, makes Vancouver a strong location for international collaborative ventures, particularly for those in Asia. UBC has developed long-term relationships with several Asian governments, and their academic and business sectors. Several faculties, particularly the Faculty of Forestry, have strong links to Asia and have conducted many research projects including climate change, environmental protection, rural development, and sustainable agricultural management. The results of these research projects will be of great help to this project.

UBC will host the Executive Office, which works under the framework of the Asia Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism (AP-FECM). The Executive Office will implement decisions made by the Steering Committee, manage daily tasks, and assist in coordination and communication between Steering Committee members.



Beijing Forestry University (BFU)

As one of the key national universities directly under the Ministry of Education in China, BFU provides advanced education in the studies of forestry and ecology. BFU has hosted numerous distinguished experts and professors over the years, including professionals specialized in advanced technology of multi-disciplines including forestry, soil and water conservation, biotechnology, construction of ecological environments, and economic management. BFU is engaged in international academic exchanges and cooperation with more than 150 universities and research institutions of over 20 countries and districts in the world, providing opportunities for communication between China and other parts of the world in the fields of forestry and ecology.


University of Putra Malaysia (UPM).

UPM is one of the most established tropical forestry education and research institutions in this region, and the most complete forestry school in the country. It includes a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Bachelor of Wood Science and Technology, Bachelor of Parks and Recreation Science, and a number of Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs. The Faculty of Forestry has an extensive network with many universities and agencies abroad and locally, built upon mutually beneficial collaborations, which allows easy mobility of students and faculty to carry out joint research, practical training and attachments. The faculty has grown to become the leading forestry education center in the country, with a wide array of expertise and support facilities such as the Sultan Idris Shah Forestry Education Centre (SISFEC).