Best Practices In Forest Education – Winner

On March 21st 2019 – also known as International Forestry Day – AP-FECM is the winner of  the Global Competition on Best Practices in Forest Education organized by the Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education. In the competition, our program was one of the 71 participants, representing a total of 23 economies and ranging from primary to tertiary education. Although we are extremely grateful for this recognition as it is the result of our hard work and our commitment to enhance sustainable forest management, we are also thrilled to see the success of this competition. Congratulations to all participants!

AP-FECM’s goal of promoting forestry education in the Asia Pacific region and making knowledge accessible to more people is reflected in the online program: through our 5 existing online courses and with the 10 new ones being developed, students, faculty members and professionals from around the world are able to learn, share and update their knowledge and build a professional network. This has been thrilling for us and we can’t wait to launch our next online courses.

Thank you to everyone for joining our network and making our initiative the Best Practice in Forest Education!