Executive Office of the AP-FECM

Roles and Responsibilities

An Executive Office of the AP-FECM is hosted by the University of British Columbia, as Chair of the Mechanism, for the current four-year term.

The goal of the Executive Office is to improve regional cooperation in forestry education, improve capacity to practice SFM in the Asia-Pacific region, and also to enhance the regional and international influence and reputation of APFNet. The UBC Faculty of Forestry will provide support, efficient human resources, and academic networks for the Executive Office to achieve these objectives.

Establishment of the Executive Office is under the framework of the AP-FECM. The Executive Office will develop close bonds with Steering Committee members and will work with them on various projects and implement decisions made by the Committee. The Executive Office will also manage daily tasks, provide any necessary support for the development of APFNet, and assist coordination and communication between Steering Committee members.

The responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Summarize the current situation and trends in the development of forestry education as well as the emerging challenges, coordinate with the Steering Committee to develop an action plan for the mechanism and submit to the APFNet secretariat;
  2. Based on the adopted action plan, develop annual work plans that identify the activities and programs under the mechanism after seeking suggestions from the members, and implement the work plans upon acceptance by APFNet;
  3. Coordinate and organize the Asia Pacific Forestry Education Meetings (Former name: Forestry College Deans Meeting in the Asia Pacific Region);
  4. Produce reports and publications on forestry education in the region to establish the mechanism as the leading initiative in the field;
  5. Remain in communication with other members of the mechanism and encourage related institutions to join the mechanism;
  6. Explore partnerships and seek funding for the Mechanism;
  7. Report on progress of the office and any problems encountered to the Steering Committee and APFNet regularly;
  8. Hold the Steering Committee Meeting.