Asia Pacific Young Scientists Association



Accelerating scientific progress in any field requires focused training and development of the best young minds. Cultivating young minds is also essential to enhance forestry education further. We believe the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Young Scientists Association (AYSA) is critical for forestry knowledge dissemination and regional young scholars’ professional and personal development. Since last March, COVID-19 caused a worldwide lockdown and international research communications have also been interrupted. Under this circumstance, the Asia-Pacific Young Scientists Association was successful launched in October 2020 to connect the regional young scholars.

Picture source: UBC website

In the initial event, prof. Orlando Rojas from UBC was invited to give a keynote lecture and lead the discussion on the topic of forestry bioproducts research and development. This online event attracted more than 500 audiences from the Asia Pacific region and achieved great success and huge impacts. In the future, more activities will be organized in this “Asia Pacific Young Scientists Association”. These activities include but are not limited to research seminars, networking/competition opportunities, and young scientists’ training for personal and professional development.We believe with the development of the Asia-Pacific Young Scientists Association, the communications, collaborations and mutual understanding of the young scholars in the Asia Pacific region will be enhanced.